Trumping a Perspective or Getting Back to Basics

Doctor Buzzard The Psychic News Network
DoctorBuzzard truth, justice, and the American way... No FakeBook required.

Doctor Buzzard The Psychic News Network
DoctorBuzzard truth, justice, and the American way… No FakeBook required.

First of all we (in the USA) live in a rather protected environment, largely the product of Madison Avenue consumer paradise. Our concerns rest with maintaining a good beacon score, health and work but in areas where Islamic fascism has taken hold they maintain structure of an apocalyptic vision. They, unlike the old Soviet Union, inhabit a culture of death and constantly move in the direction which destruction is the means to the end, a policy of Mutual Assured Destruction IS their goal, there’s no negotiations. That’s why the Iran deal is fatally flawed, we cannot support such a regime on any level. The only thing Iranian deal has done is provide support for a failing regime. The most serious challenge to the USA is providing protection against this nuclear menace. Associated is the problem of the EMP, we must harden our defense. Building the wall is not an option because now Hezbollah has bought influence into the grace of the South American drug lords. The wall must be built and Mexico will pay for its construction.

Now, as a result of the Iranian deal, Hezbollah will continue to be funded and free to pursue its murderous ends. At every turn the Obama/Clinton policy team has made precisely the wrong decision, whether simply naive or grossly incompetent, it has been at odds with American interest. We have no good options left but to follow the interest of the Saudi oil kingdom, as well as the Russian initiative in Syria whom definitely cherish few American values. Libya is a complete basket case, thanks in large part, to an incompetent policy decisions under Clinton’s State… We have no good options left.

The remaining problem is North Korea and China because both are problematic and indicative of the other. China must share responsibility for the irrational exuberance of North Korea, it is a bad actor as it threatens to become much worse. The fact that their latest propangda video promises a first strike against the United States offers little comfort. Now we certainly must prepare for the worst as we hope for the best. Dealing with China to pull the plug of this rouge nation maybe our only option. Donald J Trump is correct in addressing the nuclear issues first and foremost… Not that Global warming is of not some concern, it’s on my list just ahead of cow farts.

Lastly but not least the emergence of the superbug should be of concern to all and that our weapons against disease in the armory of human health should be placed in the highest regard of any presidential administration.

On a lighter note Trump called the Caitlyn Jenner press core out on the floor… quote “I’ve seen your work, you’re a real beauty… Sleazeball!” RITFLMAO OMG “He’s attacked the First Amendent!” Suppose they’re going to pull out all stops with the Bill Kristol David French juggernaut! Or wait till HRC gets wind of this, of course getting Hillary to a press conference does require an act of congress and usually a subpoena. No wonder Obama and Joe Biden have him down as unfit to be president! Small wonder why the main stream media is about as popular as a congressional used car salesman.


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