The Moon, the Sun… And the Truth.

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I came across a friends comment where they’d just made a hard tumble over a bit of truth. Its just that way, not just in this country but the world. What the politicians will or not tell you is depends on what they want you to hear. Nothing said on trade or jobs… Sad because they could fix this mess with a stroke of a pen but the international corporations love their slave labor and low tariffs… But to add insult to injury the American Taxpayer got stuck with the bill of building and transferring of the American manufacturing industry to China… Some say “The truth will set you free!” but for the most part, not just in this country, its more likely to lead to serious injury or even death. Furthermore, to add insult to injury, most can’t really handle the truth. Some will ask but what they’re really looking for is for someone to read them a fairy tale. Here are the snippets of a few facts we know are still out of kilter.

First we went to war with a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. Secondly we put this entire war on a credit card. Thirdly we still do not really know who was actually behind the 9/11 attacks and whoever or Osama bin Laden was acting in who’s behalf has never been made clear. We do know his longest contract was with the CIA. He was born in Jeddah Saudi Arabia the son of a billionaire construction tycoon with close ties to the Saudi royal family. We really do not have conclusive proof that he’s actually dead but if he is why and how was it he came to be hiding out in the Pakistani West Point? Many questions.

Problem seems to be that there is no profit in the truth… Well not like there is endless wars, issuing junk bondks, blowing up the markets on nothing but hot air or just plain printing money. In the end the congressman in DC don’t actually have to vote on anything they already have more laws than anyone can possibly enforce or even expect to read in one lifetime. They like the one’s that they can selectively enforce. The main thing that is important is that they get re-elected and that’s a full time job that takes a lot more time than two years. The media outlets know this for a fact so they’re more than happy to engage in this endless game of musical chairs cause at the end of this rainbow there is really a pile of loot. Its really theirs for the asking all they need are a few slick ad men from Madison Avenue, a production crew, maybe a sound engineer and Rockefeller Daddy Big buck type and they’re off to the bank. It really doesn’t matter if they’re Democratic or Republican… As long as their money is green and their credit is good. It is The American Way.

Sweet home Alabama that’s how we end up with these endless wars like Lemmings hell bent and heading head over heels over the cliff no one is at the wheel. Actually its easier to just selectively enforce the laws that are convenient as long as they work to get ya re-elected. Well the new moon is in Leo so its a good day kick some assets and take some names.

Majority of people at middle age itself suffer vision defects and need to wear spectacles to read. (I cannot read without a reading glass.) That means many things are hiding behind people’s blindness. But even for a person with highest power who cannot see many things, Sun and Moon will be certainly visible though not clear. That amounts to say Sun & Moon cannot be hidden. Even if there is cloud, it will only be temporary.

Truths also like that only. It cannot be hidden for a long time. It will come out.

When has truth EVER made a difference in this country? Sure we can all sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya but at the end of the day what differences does it make? Truth will get you ostracized and even get you killed but it don’t really win friends or influence people. Actually the entire United States of America has been “Pimped out” to the highest bidder… In the parlance of the vernacular “pimped out” is a bit of a misnomer; a modified hot rod is more descriptive to a more discriminating audience to which most of your witches, warlocks and wizards subscribe… To whom most may just describe this modified version of the USA as a fine ride. It all depends upon your perspective and where you’re located on the plane. First Class has it better than ever in the history of the world but if you’re in the back your butt is really scraping the ground and you’re awfully sore by now. We are too far along that path to bale out now but enough is enough and those in power better believe that the truth will out. They wanted this nEW wORLD oRDER… Well its here on a silver platter. World government through the UN and the WTO but so is the Hague and the War Crimes Commission if they do not stop with all this Police State nonsense. Quit tapping every phone on the planet might be a good start. Might want to stop bombing all these countries… Just getting crap stirred up. Like they do not already hate us enough???


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