The Last Line

New World Order loves PC
Political Correctness is Fascism.

The Last Line

The main stream media in this country is bought and sold but not to the highest bidder but rather owned by the powers that be. In this case it looks to be more likely the Rothschild’s nEW wORLD oDER. All the mechanism of the authoritarian state are hard at work, censoring, and mind molding to shape our shared perceptional reality.

9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq or Saddam Hussein but rather a method to keep this nation involved with endless conflict and a manner in which to destroy the Constitution, which has been largely successful on both counts. The Isis-free zone is nothing more than a road to mission creep for the US. We have no leaders we can trust to tell us the truth. Except for a precious few in the Tea Party, those of independent, and international media. The broadcast media CBS and NBC especially cannot be trusted, same goes for Facebook who is actively involved in censorship. Everyone knows but no one is saying anything so this shows it is not only accepted but pervasive. However there’s a few taking a stand.

Gustave Courbet’s The Origin of the World is a stunning work of art, a gorgeous display of painterly brilliance and a cornerstone of the French Realistic movement. It is also,
according to Facebook, pornographic. The website recently censored an image of the painting posted by a French teacher, then suspended his account for violating the terms of use. Now the teacher, whose name has not been released, is suing, claiming that Facebook violated his free speech—and that French courts should have jurisdiction to hear his case. On Thursday, a Paris court agreed with his second claim, meaning the man will receive a trial in France under French law.Facebook Censorship

For this among many other reasons it is important for the citizen journalist to get the truth out because no one else will dare. The main problem with 9/11 remains the fact we attacked the wrong country and the evidence is not only found in the 28 pages redacted by the NSA but the fact that foreign governments continue to try and buy our elections as evidenced by the 500 hundred million dollar contribution made to both the Bush and Clinton foundations by the nations of Germany and Saudi Arabia.  It is all too clear with any who have eyes to see… The continued minupulation of the news and politically correct bullshit with Facebook is outrageous but I’m sure Joseph Goebbels would be proud as we goosestep our way back to the future.


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