The GOP’s Lilly Liveried Lilliputian Revolt (Tying down Trump)

“Within the hangar deck of the USS Yorktown, a second world war aircraft carrier berthed in Charleston, South Carolina, he spoke publicly for the first time about what is arguably the most extreme proposal to come from any US presidential candidate in decades.”“We are the noisy majority,” Donald Trump proclaimed on Monday night to a crowd of his supporters who responded with an appropriately noisy cheer. “We used to call it the quiet majority, but people are fed up – they are fed up with incompetence, they are fed up with stupid leaders, they are fed up with stupid people.”“We are the noisy majority,”… his supporters who responded with an appropriately noisy cheer.

This is part and parcel of the response of the GOP’s Lilly liveried Lilliputian revolt… Simply despicable that people have lost the backbone to say what must be said. If those of the GOP think for a skinny New York second that the American people are going to buy into another Bush, they’re sorely mistaken.
For good measure, as Trump often does, he repeated the phrase just to make sure. “They are fed up with stupid people.”… With this statement Donald Trump has launched himself into the most divisive election since Abraham Lincoln. As it stands Trump has amassed a huge majority in every poll taken since July so this is “The Establishments” last opportunity to nail Trump to the cross before the first primary in Iowa, now only 55 short days away. Watched the CBS Morning News with Charlie Rose, interview a writer for The Wall Street Journal and FOX’s Megan Kelly trott out Murdocks minions repeat over and again “Trump will not be elected!”. In Lilliputian logic we give lollipops to the illegal aliens and reserve a place under our bed for the muslim terrorist and pave The Yellow Brick road for Mexican criminals… Trump however does not wish to roll out the red carpet to anyone who would do this country harm.

A few feet above his head was suspended a B-24 Liberator, an American airplane renowned for its heavy bombing capabilities much in keeping with Trump’s rhetorical style.

“I wrote something today that was very salient, very important,” the candidate said, adding that it was “probably not politically correct”. Then, as the crowd hung on his every word, he lowered his voice to an intimate whisper, leant into the microphone, and said: “But. I. Don’t. Care.”

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“We are out of control,” he went on. “We have no idea who’s coming into this country. We have no idea if they love us or hate us. We have no idea if they want to bomb us.

“By the way, I have friends who are Muslims. They are great people. But they know we have a problem because something is going on, and we can’t put up with it, folks, we can’t put up with it.”

The fact of the matter is that there’s a clamor over whether Trumps is Constitutional or not… Since when do illegal aliens and terrorist claim they have the protection of The United States Constitutional Rights??? (A county they are intent and set to destroy). We should have a ban or restriction on muslim travel into the United States… Period.

However there are those who point out that we have an abundance of home-grown terrorist (Timothy McVeigh, James Holmes, and Dylan Roof) but I’m not convince we should be importing Islamic Jihadist to keep these guys company. Please excuse the pause in importing an Army of Islamic extremists but most don’t care for the additional worry with those who wish to do us harm. The fact remains that we’ve got stone cold idiots running the country. They’ve managed to send our industrial might along with most of our factories to China and, in the process, created something like a monster 3 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT! Seriously how does that work??? Pure genius.

Anytime… If for whatever reason, one find themselves aligned on any issue, with Dick Chaney that calls for an immediate assessment of one’s sanity. At the same instant you have these advocates proclaiming the solution is to lay down our weapons. Trump advocates we use our weapons. Hitler is the one who managed to disarm the German people before leading his country into holocaust. Not unlike Gulliver who is convicted for treason for making water (pissing on a fire and saving countless lives)… Trump is crucified for speaking the truth without the filters of political correctness.

The important thing to remember is that peace through strength seriously works. We need to stop importing Jihadist… The FBI belives that under the current state of affairs it is an impossible task given the current system. We need a pause and a sober assessment… Trump is correct. No Bush, just NO!


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