The Flag and Facebook

The Confederate Battle Flag
The Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia

The thing that separates Facebook from the rest is the information that is gathered and the amount social interaction that is revealed. It really is quite astounding and in a sense foreboding. It appears to be more designed as a mechanism for social control rather than social interaction.

Now this is where things really get interesting because we not only have an off loading of blame on the Confederate flag to facilitate a narrowly imposed racial agenda but rather to impose a uniform ideological perspective on history.

This is not only a misreading of history but a dangerous device and a new ideological tyranny as it imposes a yoke and bondage of ignorance. (National Review)by IAN TUTTLE June 26, 2015 1:00 PM @IPTUTTLE The Left’s Confederate-eradication frenzy is not meant to promote healing or encourage dialogue but to enforce conformity.

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Some might have problems with leaving Facebook behind, like smoking it can be a nasty habit. However most have lived a very pleasant life without the need to check on your status update every five minutes… At least for the past 50 years we survived somehow. It is somewhat intimidating to Facebook when they find that not everyone will go along to get along.  It is, of course, their Achilles heel, and the bigger they are the harder they will certainly fall. So they must assume a very aggressive and hostile posture.

To this end Facebook has become evermore invasive. Making request for documents that few of us give to our bank, or even our medical doctors. It’s simply too much. The code is no secret. The only thing that Facebook had going was the Harvard Yard but that passed into the IPO so they remain in large part beholding to the initial investment confidence. It’s only a matter of time before one of the major players recognize the value and the weaknesses. Thinking it will happen sooner than later.  It’s basically a bubble stock and its dangerous because they feel the need to create drama. Pure BS… Smoke and mirrors.

The people who tried to define that flag were simply ignorant of the facts. Period. That proud banner NEVER flew over a slave state. It was the battle banner of The Army of Northern Virginia in which so many of South Carolina ancestors served and under which they perish. The “Cause” was NOT slavery it was the self determination of the Southern Nation. State Rights period. What is regrettable is our Governor, Nikki Haley, to allow a monument to our Confederate dead to be defined by the likes of Al Sharpton. Simply disgusting.

The real reason they’re dead set to removing the flag is actually much worse… 9/11 was a wack job of the first magnitude that put tHE nEW wORLD oRDER stooges in control of the Whitehouse and a terrorist under every bed and in the process managed to murder over 100,00 thousand Iraqi men,women and children while every piece of evidence point to the 28 pages of the redacted from the Congressional 9/11 report (See Chaney War Criminals)… Bring ruin upon the financial markets of the world (Thanks NAFTA). They fear the Southern defiance and independence that flag represents. No one I know with half a brain buys into the government’s bullshit 9/11 cover except their lapdog main stream mindless media monkeys.

Let the Stranger

Who may in future times

Read this inscription

Recognize that these were men

Whom power could not corrupt

Whom death could not terrify

Whom defeat could not dishonor

And let their virtues plead

For Just Judgement

Of the cause in which they perished

Let the South Carolinian

Of another generation


That the State has taught them

How to live and how to die

And that from her broken fortunes

She has preserved for her children

The priceless treasure of their memory

Teaching all who may claim

The same birthright

That truth,courage, and patriotism

Endure forever


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  1. Just amazing how the Caitlyn Jenner bunch react when they get their panties on fire. They not ONLY feel the need to pile their special sauce on the flag but go after guns and good lord don’t dare think of telling it like it is to this lens of rainbow rose coloured freaks. The only thing more skittish is the wild moves on Wall Street every time Mr.Trump says boo! Seriously… “Let’s make America Great Again!”

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