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Summer night in Mobile Alabama


The poll showed Trump with 21% of the Republican vote in the Sunshine State, compared with 17% for Bush and 11% for Rubio. That represents a sizable shift from Quinnipiac’s last survey of the state in June, when Bush grabbed 20% of the vote and Rubio had 18%. Trump, who had just entered the presidential race, got just 3% of the vote.

“It was just reported that in Florida I’m leading Bush by a lot, and I’m leading Rubio by a tremendous amount,” Trump said in a Fox Business interview Thursday.

“Now, I have a lot of properties in Florida. I own Doral [luxury resort]. I own many, many properties in Florida. I love that state. It’s an amazing state. But when you’re leading the two people — you’re leading the current senator and the ex-governor — by a lot, that’s sort of nice.”


It’s true that Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan and that’s good thing because right now we don’t need another Ronald Reagan at this particular moment in time but a Donald Trump would be rather handy and people need to know that. It’s also true that one man cannot make America Great again by himself alone. Trump mentioned the fact it was nice to know how the great Rev.Billy Graham must have felt. Sure he can inspire and fire a few but in the end a country is made great by the heart of its people… At least that’s the message that 30,000 the people of Alabama sent by standing in lines for hours in the heat in humidity to hear Mr. Donald Trump’s address.
The main thing is that the motivation of the country to be great, comes not from its leaders but from its people. Leadership is important, and essentially the catalyst for change, but the people have to be ready. There has to be àn arena that allows the public spectacle to become manifest into our reality. This does not require a community organizer, a skull and bones, or the Illuminati, to figure that “We the People” are feed up. Period. We’ve had it up to our ears with tHE nEW wORLD oRDER, the United Nations, and We Are The World… ALL You Caitlyn panty zombies better believe.

Now we have a choice… Thank God, and the croney capitalized establishments is off the charts in their attempts to mold popular opinion. President Trump is not part of their lexicon but this does not dull the visceral nature of their attacks. It’s incombenent upon the people to decide who they really trust. One thing for sure, up to now, we’ve yet to control our southern border and a country that cannot control its borders is not a country.

Can you change your history, your birth??? That’s exactly what these global revisionist are attempting to do. They certainly are not nationalist, hence their hatred of Trump, who holds a solid foundation of respect for this country and the Constitution.  Mr.Trump is speaking to the very heart of this nation…The comedians are having g a great time, apparently at Trump’s expense but the poll numbers keep going up. The perfect message delivered right on target and everyone is happy, except maybe Hillary who’s not overjoyed by any of the current events. In fact, after saying she would be more public she’s granted exactly two (2) news interviews… Trump has done over sixty (60).

China and the rest of tHE nEW wORLD oRDER contingent is not very likely to be feeling it with a President Trump at the helm. The Chinese market has collapsed and odds are it will take the rest of the world down. Already North Korea is making a lot of noise and beating the wardrums of Kim Jong-un and has placed his frontlines into a state of war. The thing that’s totally crazy with Kim who has excuted many of his advisors but his barbers remain… Talk about your bad hair!

All jokes aside there’s worse things to consider than Kim Jong-un’s hair, the fact of the matter is that we are currently (and have been for many months the now) under cyber attack at almost every level. I just hope our esteemed community organizer can hold the line but the facts are that he spent over four million dollars to keep his citizenship and public records private up until know. As his circumvention of the Constitution and illegal Excutive orders is the only thing we have that is a semblence of a public record is not encouraging. We have a weak and perhaps even treacherous counsel in the White House.

All things considered the Chinese may sieze upon this opportunity to attack through their proxie North Korea. China has carried North Korea from day one and may see this as their last opportunity to use their political muscle before Donald J Trump becomes president… In much the same manner as Iran released the prisoners the very moment before Ronald Reagan was sorn into office. Our enemies are both foreign and domestic… As the sun enters Virgo you don’t have to be a psychic to see that with a real leader, Kim Jong-un will have a lot more to worry about than his bad hair and loudspeakers.


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