Dummy Down Embrace of The New World Order

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The media savaged Trump. What most people still don’t realize is that the media and the DNC are one in the same and both controlled by George Seros. The main thing people should be aware of is Soros controls the media and owns the DNC (and much of the GOP) outright. This is part of the interview that Soros tried but failed to delete.

It takes a mindless moron to raise a village in the morass of the New World Order as everything in its brief but profound punctuation upon the history of the American Republic has been nothing if not destructive (by inception of design) to Constitutional democracy. No one voted for a tyranny of oligarchy as, in the rise of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler’s NAZI Party never enjoyed more than 30% of support from the German people… They were duped then as we are certainly in the grip of certain peril of our constitutional freedoms. Then, as now, the true power was to reside in the hands of the industrialist of the autocratic rule instituted by way of corporate national democratic socialism of the “New Order”. This was accomplished in fact by pure economic manipulation by way of nationalization of the banks and the militarizing of manufacture industrialist… Contrary to the concept of the pure Aryan ideal but together functioned into form and structure. Hitler untimely became the fly in the ointment and the seed of the ultimate destruction of The Third Reich. We should be so lucky.

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Does any of this sound familiar… Perhaps it will take a new and improved tin hat to deal with but a certain tragic consequence of constitutional democracy. The approach in the capture of all three branches must be accomplished in the way one captures a bridge… Both ends must be captured simultaneously. The press and watchdog of democracy must be lulled, seduced and bribed into submission. In congress key committees must be controlled by appointment of key members and maintain power by insuring key races are won, bought, or bribed fixed.

The Supreme Court by nature of its structure and lifetime appointments has been a perennial thorn in the assets of any group who might by hook or crook subvert a solid constitutional foundation but in time with constant quiet determination by 20 years of successive pressure and appointments by 7 unbroken executive administrations the Court fell prey by willfully falling upon the sword of their own opinion by ruling in favor of the corporations to make unlimited contributions to political campaigns from the cabal of international treasure both foreign and domestic under the guise of the nonprofit. Yep McCain did that and Soros ran with it.

To make a point that our nation’s constitutional intuitions maybe under attack by some shadowy foreign interest is, at best, in etiquette and at worst paranoid… Except when “they” really are watching. To be on the safe side assume we were under the glass from the moment the pheasant was stuffed and the oven turned on… Looks like they can go ahead and stick the fork in anytime cause we’re a toasty goose. Could be a duck tho… Ya know it does kinda walk like one, they all sound the same… Ya know that incessant quack quack quack! Just saying… Could be wrong about all this but maybe a voting to clean the entire slate of professional politicians maybe not suck as a bad ideal at the moment. Hugh Hefner might not be such a bad choice after all at least he has great taste when it comes to women.

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He’s got a few yrs but ya know in retrospect that other old guy did a decent job and still got regular naps… During the meetings most of the time… Guess that’s why they’re called the good old days cause ya can’t remember much… Kinda like the Bourne Supremacy we’re all just psychogenic amnesiacs.


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