Welcome, Seeker.



You seek to rid yourself of all that karmic baggage that you are carrying, all the mistakes and former lives that just didn't work out and all the garbage that you have picked up this time around. Your carry-on luggage in this life.

I am the Buzzard, a destroyer of carrion, of the carry-ons in life. Let me help you release the old burdens that keep you from the abundance you so richly deserve as one of the Universe's children. FREE READING NOW to help you unload that big pile of dead stuff you are carrying.

Buzzard, or as my uppity cousins insist, Vulture, is the symbol of Purification, New Vision, Death and Rebirth. Buzzards never kill, as other raptors do; we only clean up others' messes. Don't you need a new perspective, a new vision for your life? CALL ME To the Pueblo Indians, I symbolized purification, the removal of the rotting leftovers of life, the guide to the spirit world where evil could be banished, where shapeshifting could happen, where the shaman could contact the dead and return the slain warrior spirits. I lost my beautiful head feathers by pushing the sun away so that we could live on earth.

In Egypt, Maat, Goddess of Truth used my feather to weigh the souls of the dead. To the Greeks, The Esoteric Tradition sees me as the descendent of the griffin, the avenger of animal spirits. Let me help you find your truth. Call me Now


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